Race Rules

WellFest Adelaide Amazing Race

We know you are all here to have some fun (as are we!) but there are also some rules that will need to go through.

Let us know if you have any questions along the way – but most importantly have fun!!!!

If you get stuck or need to contact us for any reason please call either Kerri on 0421 710 409 or Jonathan on 0403 877 157


This is a team building event (yawn, we know – nobody likes team building!) – therefore you will be winning as a team & also losing as a team. Stick together as a team, chat & get to know each other! Most importantly work together. You cannot complete a task or check in to a checkpoint or Pit Stop until all of your team are there – none of this sending your fastest person forward!


You’re welcome to use Google at any point throughout your race (it may or may not help you). The most important rule to remember throughout your race is that regardless of what Google tells you – your hosts are ALWAYS right.!

Roadblocks and Fast Forwards

Along the way you may be given an opportunity to RoadBlock another team or you may discover a Fast Forward card in one of your envelopes. Check each of your envelopes thoroughly. Choose wisely if you get the chance to roadblock someone.


Yes, this is pure marketing but we don’t care – but if you want bonus points tag (not #) us on instagram (either post or story) @tailoredteambuilding and @corporateamazingrace